Reprinted from July 13, 2012 article in:

Oil  &  Gas  Financial   Journal

Angela Tuzzo, MRB Public Relations

Few industries produce as many critical business documents as exploration and production operations. This is especially true with recent regulation changes, economic uncertainties, and supply disruptions. Today, a document management system is a key investment for any organization striving to be competitive and remain in business. Specific to the oil and gas industry, each company has different documentation requirements regarding the safety of the iron at its location. For most companies, being able to quickly pull customer records and certifications is imperative when dealing with clients' and regulators' demands on a daily basis.

Tilley Pressure Test, Inc. has been providing safe and responsible Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) processes to clients in the oil field services since 2003. NDT is a wide group of analysis techniques used to evaluate the properties or a material, component or system for its integrity, safety and reliability, without causing damage to a client's products. Because NDT does not permanently alter the article being inspected, it is a highly valuable technique that can save both money and time in product evaluation, troubleshooting and research. Specific to the gas and oil industry, Tilley recertifies iron that is used in high-pressure jobs at drilling locations across the U.S.